Financial Assistance Policy

In keeping with our mission and core values, Buckets of Love, Inc. is here for kids. We are committed to “Loving those who need love the most.” No child, regardless of ability to pay should be limited in mental health care. We help youth access services that will promote healthy lifestyles. 

What is Covered?

We can help eligible applicants in paying for mental health services. Grants are available for new or existing providers, as long as they are covered below. If awarded the grant may not cover the care in full.

We cover care with the following professional health providers:

· Licensed Counselors and Therapists – LPC, LMFT, LCADAC

· Psychologists

· Psychiatrists 

· Psychotherapist

· Psychiatrics Nurses/Practitioners

· Clinical Social Workers – LICSW, LCSW, ACSW

· Psychiatric of Mental Health Nurse Practitioners – NCLEX and PMHNP-BC

At this time we DO NOT cover:

· Primary Care Physicians

· Emergency Care

· Family Nurse Practitioners

· Psychiatric Pharmacists

· Certified Peer Specialists

· Social Workers

· Pastoral Counselors

· Addiction Counselors

· Inpatient Care

*All professional mental health providers must be in good standing with the state board and stay in good standing during the duration of care.

Financial Assistance Program

Buckets of Love, Inc .provides monetary grants to help applicants pay for professional mental health care. Grants are only awarded to applicants that have completed the entire application and provided the required information. 

The grant money is paid directly to the provider when we receive an invoice. It is best practice to have the provider send the invoice directly. After the grant in honored, the responsible party will need to make payment arrangements. 

The applicant must begin using the grant within 6 months of the date received. If the applicant is using the grant at the 6 month mark, and there is still grant money available BOL will continue to pay the provider until the grant runs out.

Grants cannot be used for a current balance. The grant can only be used for services on or after the day the grant is awarded. We do not back pay for services.

What’s Next?

1. Complete the application here.

2. Submit the complete application with all required documentation. Incomplete applications will delay the process.

3. Applications will be reviewed within 30 days (usually less), and you will receive a letter through the mail (please make sure your mailing address is accurate) with our response. 

4. If you receive a grant, you will receive two enclosures, a “Provider Letter” and a “Mental Health Form.”  The “Provider Letter” needs to be submitted to the qualified provider of your choosing and the “Mental Health Form” must be submitted to Buckets of Love so we know who the provider is.

5. Make sure the provider either sends us an invoice by mail or email to [email protected], OR the responsible party provides it in a timely manner.

6. Invoices will be paid monthly. Please remember you are responsible for the remaining balance, so if you receive a grant for $250 and the invoice is $300 you are required to pay the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Who qualifies for grants through Buckets of Love?</strong>

Anyone that financially qualifies.

<strong>Can I change providers after the grant has started paying?</strong>

Yes, please contact us at [email protected]

<strong>Can I use an established provider?</strong>

Yes. Just provide us their information.

<strong>Can I use a grant to pay a balance with my current provider?</strong>

No. The grant can only be used for services after the date of the grant letter.

<strong>What if I did not get a grant? Can I apply again?</strong>

Yes, please wait 60 days to reapply. The amount of money available for grants fluctuates.

<strong>What if I have an emergency and need help faster?</strong>

If you have an emergency please seek mental health services at St. Patrick Hospital or call 911. DO NOT WAIT FOR A RESPONSE FROM US. You can let us know when you send your application that you have an emergency situation, and we will try to speed up the process.

<strong>Can the grant count towards my deductible?</strong>

Yes, this will count toward your deductible.